Nothing disappears forever

Once in a while I (as many of us) search Google for my own name (the one that I don’t use often anymore, but published the most of my works under it).  Pride… I guess… This time I noticed a link to the book named “Executive Thinking: From Brightness to Brilliance”.  I was quite surprised: that was not my book.  Little investigation showed that the author actually quoted a piece from my article  published in 2006 in TRIZ Journal.

Now I’m thinking that I should write more for TRIZ, may eventually get a corner in the attic of history.

Solution Architecture and Process

With all templates (even great templates) for architecture, good architecture cannot be done with a proper process. Certainly, there is a value in good templates, and they helped me a lot on many projects.  But my recent experience with a <…> client shows that if there is no proper process (framework, method), not only declared but actually implemented and followed, then the architecture will suffer drastically.

That’s where I guess I’ll disagree with Neil Rerup.

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